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I'm Joining FeverBee!

FeverBee has been an incredible resource for me through my entire community management career. In every conversation I've had with new community managers, and in every conversation I've had with companies who are just getting started with community, I've always pointed to Rich Millington and his company as a source of intelligent, data-driven recommendations for building and growing online communities. In my mind they are the top community consultancy in the space, and are doing an incredible job of building a tribe of community professionals around the world who are truly dedicated what really matters.

Rich posted about this earlier, and I'm thrilled to join him in announcing that I've joined the FeverBee team as Head of Training! Starting immediately I'll be heading up the Professional Community Management Course, and will also be working on other training related products and opportunities.

Online communities help people across the globe support one another, learn from one another, and develop crucial relationships. They provide critical insights to organizations about their products, services, and policies. Well-run communities help to brighten the days of the members that participate, and in some cases, make quite a strong impact that can be felt across the globe. Personally, I feel quite honored that I'll be able to help other community managers shape their communities, organizations, and careers. This feels like a big opportunity to make a dent in the universe and I am quite grateful.

If you've not yet heard of FeverBee's course, I'd invite you to go take a look and share with your friends or colleagues. If you've got questions, feedback, or are generally curious about the work that we do please don't hesitate to let me know.